Sunday, September 12, 2004

RV dealerships changing with the times

Before the Payless Cashways store on Brady Street had closed, customers were accustomed to pulling into the store’s parking lot to buy building supplies, hardware or lawn mowers. Now there are recreational vehicles in the parking lot.

“It’s been fun to be able to make something out of this building and do something for this corridor of Davenport. We’re all from this area,” said owner John Dresselhaus.

What the owners have done is take a site that had been empty since 2001, with the probability that it would sit a few more years, and turn it into what they believe is one of the largest RV dealerships in Iowa in covered square feet.

There is now a showroom, offices and a parts and accessories department in the 30,000-square-foot main building. The service center, which has been busy, is located behind the main building where the lumberyard once was.
The site might not have been right for other businesses, but it was right for a new RV business. Full Story...

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