Saturday, October 23, 2004

RVers Have Healthy Lifestyles

A recent RV industry survey shows that families that go RVing are better able to enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities that lead to a fit lifestyle. Hiking and walking are two of the most popular RVing activities with over three-fourths of respondents saying they are more physically active on RV trips compared to when they are at home.

Seven out of 10 say they walk more during RV vacations than when they are at home. Over 40 percent of respondents report walking 3 to 10 miles daily during RV vacations. “RVing helps us get off the couch and out of the house,” notes RVer Roger Allen of Olustee, Okla.

Ninety four percent of survey takers insisted that RVing helps their families maintain a healthier lifestyle. Respondents cited the ability to relax and relieve stress (85%), control their own schedule (75%) and cook/eat their own food (74%) as reasons why RVing promotes good health.

“RVing makes my family healthier because we have much less stress,” explained RVer Butch Taylor of Graham, N.C. “And we also don’t eat as much fast food on RV trips.”

Reinforcing the outdoor-friendly nature of RVing, a sizable majority (95%) of RVers believe that RVing makes it easier to reach public lands to pursue outdoor recreation activities.

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