Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Got a NorCold RV Refrigerator? Unplug it and call a dealer

Otero County, NM Sheriff’s Capt. Norbert Sanchez has been investigating mysterious blazes. His first thought was arson.
“I’ve had a rash of fires involving motor homes and travel trailers,” he said.

But it didn’t take Sanchez long to learn that in every instance — some were explosions — a Norcold refrigerator was involved. The O-rings on the refrigerator’s gas valve are deteriorating, he said, causing propane leaks.

“If they’re running their refrigerator they need to turn it off immediately. They’re very dangerous,” Sanchez said.

“We’ve had some close calls. I’m just glad nobody’s been in them. We just want to prevent someone from getting killed or injured seriously,” Sanchez said. Full Story...

You can check the NorCold web site to see if your refrigerator is on the list and learn what is necessary to get it repaired.

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