Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Business slows as Winter Texan RVers hit the road.

Sitting in the cool, shaded office of the Lemon Tree RV Park in Mission, manager Cheryl Stanley was busy processing paperwork for about a dozen residents scheduled to head for home today. With the Winter Texan season drawing to a close, Stanley will watch her park’s population drop by close to 80 percent before the end of May.

"They’ve been leaving for the last two weeks," she said.

"It will be like this for another few weeks. Then it’s our break time."

As the Rio Grande Valley’s Winter Texans hit the road for summer homes in Des Moines, St. Paul, Kansas City and points between, local businesses are already preparing for the drop from a seasonal tourism industry worth around $328 million a year, according to the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.

"Directly or indirectly, we’re all affected by this," said Chamber Vice President Nancy Millar. Full Story...

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