Wednesday, March 16, 2005


For many years, Charlie Porter owned a company up in Portland, Maine, that would do anything that other people wanted done but didn't want to do. "We cleaned people's houses," he says, "we did painting, we purchased their cars and TVs for them. We did construction cleanups. We decorated people's houses for Christmas.

"The name of the company was At Your Service, and that pretty much says it. If you needed something done and didn't want to do it, we'd do it for you."

Then in January 2004 the Porters sold everything they owned -- business, home, furniture, the knickknacks in the living room, the stuff stored in the basement -- and gathered up their three dogs and hit the road.

"We ended up in Florida for the winter last year," Glenda says, "then Alaska in the summer, then here for this winter."

The Porters are relaxing in lawn chairs -- his in the shade, hers in the sun, the way they like it -- beside their $250,000 40-foot-long Holiday Rambler Endeavor motor home at Destination Resorts, an RV park on South Padre Island. A gentle breeze blows across the bright afternoon.

"Our home is wherever we are," says Glenda. Full Story...

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