Thursday, March 10, 2005

Washington State proposes 1.5 Cent per pound tax on RVs.

Some RVers may recall that Washington State made several attempts in 2003 to tax RVs and travel trailers. None of those bills succeeded, in part due to the response from RVers opposed to the new taxes. Unfortunately, there seems to be a new legislative effort to tax RVs in Washington. We recently heard about new bills being considered in the Washington State Legislature that RVers, especially those who live in Washington, should be aware of.

The House is considering HB 1871, a bill to provide funding for “transportation purposes” and highways. To provide this funding, the bill proposes that all motor vehicles, including motorhomes and travel trailers, be charged an annual fee of 1.5 cents per pound of vehicle empty weight. This can add up to a very substantial amount for owners of large vehicles, and it is pretty obvious that RV owners will be contributing a bit more than their fair share, depending on their vehicle’s weight.

A separate, but similar, bill is being introduced in the Senate. SB 6016 calls for an annual vehicle fee of $20 to $30, and an additional 1.5 cents per pound annual fee for all vehicles.

SB 6016 is sponsored by Senators Jacobsen, Poulsen, and Kohl-Welles and is currently in the hands of the Senate Committee on Transportation.

HB 1871 is sponsored by Representatives Hankins, Murray, Haler, and Simpson and is currently in the hands of the House Committee on Transportation.

If you own a motor home or travel trailer and are registered in Washington State, you may want to contact your representatives about these bills. Contact information is available on the Washington State Legislature Web site at If you are in the state, you can call the Washington State Legislative Hotline at 800-562-6000.

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