Sunday, April 24, 2005

Campground hosts needed in Iowa state parks

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources needs volunteers at many state parks to serve as campground hosts.

Campground hosts are volunteers who stay in the campground and help campers with questions and also help park staff with routine maintenance. In turn, the hosts stay in the campground for free.

"Campground hosts help campers who are unfamiliar with the park and surrounding area find a place to eat or can point them in the right direction if they need a tire fixed or need things like bait or firewood," Jerry Reisinger, state parks supervisor for northeast Iowa, said in a statement. "They are a great help with keeping shower buildings clean and with reporting incidents related to campers and camp facilities to the park staff."

Campers can apply for these positions by contacting the park where they would like to be a host.

For a list of parks, go to

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