Monday, April 04, 2005

Nevada Senate Bill Restricts RV Parking

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Nevada Senate Bill Restricts RV Parking


A bill (SB-412) has been introduced into the Nevada Senate to stop overnight RV parking on any public parking lot in the state. You can view the bill text and status at

This bill was introduced in the committee on government affairs and, if passed, would prohibit RV parking on any type of public parking lot anywhere in the state. Here is some of the text of the bill:

“Each board of county commissioners shall, by ordinance, prohibit an attended vehicle, recreational vehicle, motor home or travel trailer from parking overnight in a parking facility which is dedicated or intended for commercial use or for use by patrons of a shop, store or other business.

“Parking facility” means a parking deck, parking garage, parking structure or paved or unpaved parking lot that members of the public regularly enter, are reasonably likely to enter, or are invited or permitted to enter as invitees or licensees. The term does not include a recreational vehicle park as defined in NRS 108.2678.”

Due to the way this is worded, it is likely that these restrictions will apply to any publicly accessible parking lot. This could include casinos, truck stops, and even dirt or gravel boondock parking areas throughout the state.

This is not the first time that RVers have been faced with such a challenge on a state level. Several years ago, similar legislation was introduced in the State of Montana. Due to the protests from RVers all over the country, that attempt to regulate RV parking failed. It appears that we now face a similar challenge in Nevada. If this legislation passes, it may well set a precedent for the rest of the country, and we could see our freedom to choose where we park permanently revoked! All RVers and concerned individuals need to take immediate steps to contact the members of the Senate Government Affairs Committee as soon as possible and voice their opinions. Great haste is needed as the bill (SB-412) will be up for testimony in committee on April 6, 2005. Please make use of the contact list included below and write, call, or email right away!

Please remember that a calm, logical approach will make your letter or email much more likely to be read and considered. Here are a couple of sample paragraphs to aid you in writing your letter or email.

While RV parks are the best accommodations for RVers, sometimes commercial parks are full, or perhaps the RVer simply cannot find a local park, especially if it is late in the evening. Other issues come into play as well. For instance, how tired is the RV driver? Were it not for Wal-Mart and other similar locations that offer a resting place to RVers, you would see an increased accident rate. Far too often, RVers will drive too long, too late, or continue searching for an RV park way past their safety and comfort zone. Knowing that they are welcome to pull into a parking lot and get a few hours of rest anytime of the day or night is an enormous safety net for the traveler.

Typically, RVers make significant contributions financially to places that welcome them and, many times, will return to an area for an extended stay if they have been received in a friendly manner. Unfortunately, signs banning RVs from parking areas do not appear very friendly to the tired traveler who is just looking for a spot to rest. Please do not implement legislation that will send the RVing public away from your state, but rather welcome them with open arms and show them you care about their safety and respect their lifestyle.

Please take a moment to contact these Nevada legislators and let them know how you feel!

Chairman, Government Affairs Committee
6536 Blue Sapphire Court
Las Vegas, NV 89110-4049

Vice-Chairman, Government Affairs Committee
61 Tanglewood Drive
Henderson, NV 89012-2117

P.O. Box 281
Reno, NV 89504-0281

P.O. Box 20923
Reno, NV 89515-0923

1637 Travois Circle
Las Vegas, NV 89119-6283

4371 Woodcrest Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121-4946

1340 Borderwood Lane
North Las Vegas, NV 89031-1816

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