Friday, April 01, 2005

RV parks are interesting places.

RV parks are interesting places. I figure some people who come here are quite well-to-do and their RVs are simply another pleasure, something else to do, while others make their home at the parks, often in quite old, sometimes run down vehicles. Of course, there are all those people in between these extremes, but for some it is not a choice┬┐it is the only place they can afford to live.

We've all heard jokes about "trailer trash." It's a characterization that has made its way into movies, slovenly people who live full time and permanently in one place in a trailer.

My sister and brother live permanently in one place in trailerhouses, or mobile homes, the upscale way to say it, and that serves to remind me not to make too many assumptions from what I see. Full Story...

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