Monday, May 09, 2005

85 year old woman recalls childhood travels in motor home

Most people have fond memories of family vacations during their childhoods.

But few probably have memories quite like those of Winfield’s Dorothy Sheneman.

When Sheneman was young — she will turn 85 later this month — her family traveled in what is believed to be the first motor home in Cowley County, Kansas.

It had the frame of a school bus — even the steps and sliding door like a bus — but the interior was much different.

It included a kitchenette, complete with a Coleman stove and and an ice box underneath. That is where Sheneman’s mother, Edna Nelson, often spent time on trips preparing meals. It also had a bathroom area, with a sink and a “potty” just above the rear wheel.

Toward the back were seats that folded down for sleeping.

The bus also had storage space that included closets and compartments toward the top of the frame — much like passenger trains had at the time.

There was one seat near the driver — a seat Dorothy and her younger brother Bob often fought over who would get to use.

While the description may not sound fancy by the standards of today’s recreational vehicles, the motor home was certainly fancy in its day. Full Story...

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