Thursday, May 19, 2005

Campground zoning plan seen as attack on lifestyle

A proposed zoning change would prevent them from attaching screen porches and enclosed rooms to their recreational vehicles. And it popped up about the same time that town officials started going around campgrounds looking at how close together the buildings are.

At Camp Clearwater, some see the moves as an attack on a charming, decades-old lifestyle. I think they have a point.
About 100 people opposed to the zoning change came to the most recent Town Council meeting, even though it wasn’t on the agenda. That’s a big crowd in a town with 550 permanent residents.

White Lake is a Bladen County , North Carolina, resort of motels, gift shops, mobile home parks and campgrounds. Lakeside property values are rising, and some big homes are scattered here and there, particularly along the eastern shore.Full Story...

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