Monday, May 09, 2005

Father, daughter off on 'trip of a lifetime'

A father and daughter from Saint John are off to see as much of Canada as they can before the girl loses her eyesight.

Stephen Hawkins and Tabitha Dunphy sold almost everything they owned last fall so they could buy a motor home and travel across the country.

Tabitha, who's in her late teens, is losing her eyesight because of Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

The father and daughter are thrilled to be on their way, in spite of a rough start.

The two were only on the road a few hours when their touring vehicle broke down in Fredericton.

After spending about $18,000 to purchase the motor home and get it ready for the road, they decided to cut their losses.

"We just said that was enough. We ended up buying a newer one. It cost us $7,400 more. We got a 32-foot Roadmaster, which is working like a million dollars," Hawkins said. Full Story...

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