Monday, May 09, 2005

Second home has wheels

After Dennis Nichols beat colon cancer, he made two quick decisions:

1. It was time to retire.

2. It was time to splurge on a motorhome and see the country.

‘‘I thought, ‘Life is too short. Why wait?''' said Nichols, 57, who lives in Marshfield and recently retired as a service technician for Bay State Gas.

Nichols, who has owned his luxurious $114,000 mega-motorhome for four months, has already taken it to Florida with his wife for six weeks, and some day, after his wife Dianne retires in the next few years, Nichols plans to take his RV cross country.

‘‘I want to see all the national parks out west,'' he said. ‘‘We're looking at it as a second home. The difference is, you have the ability to relocate your house whenever you want, to wherever you want.'' Full story...

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