Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cleanup and repairs begin as Montana floodwaters recede

Fred McElhenney was sitting in his 32-foot motor home watching television Friday afternoon at Montana Pines RV Resort about eight miles north of Polson when he looked out and saw the parking and picnic area out front had turned into a pond, and the pond was on the verge of becoming a lake.

"I moved the car out, but I wasn't thinking the water was not going to go as high as the motor home," he said.

He was wrong.

The water rose at least 2 more feet over the ensuing 24 hours, and his motor home was still stranded with four tires in the water on Monday afternoon. The diesel engine was in the rear of the big vehicle and on the uphill side of the RV space, so it stayed above water and was probably not damaged, he said.

Two other recreational-vehicle parks along the east shore of Flathead Lake experienced high-water damage, and some parking and camping spots were still under standing water Monday afternoon. Full Story...

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