Saturday, July 16, 2005

Part-time work boosts RVers

Just because you live in a recreational vehicle or motor home doesn't mean you spend all your time relaxing, taking in a life of on-the-go luxury.

Some RV enthusiasts favor working, at least part time, and some prefer staying in one place - even if their homes are on wheels.

They're called "workampers" - members of the growing RV lifestyle who work at RV camps in exchange for hook-up fees and utilities.

Some paint, mow grass, pump propane or run the office. Most work part time - 24 or 25 hours a week.

"We've been using workampers for years," said Allen Beadel, who recently sold the Cowtown RV Park in Aledo in north Texas. "They are an excellent source of knowledgeable, reliable employees. Since they live and travel in RVs, they know the system and they know what a camp needs." Full Story...

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