Thursday, July 28, 2005

ReV it up! Hitting the open road in style and luxury

These recreational vehicles are a far cry from the beat-up vintage campers and "hippie wagons" of old. If you've never been exposed to the RV world, you'll be amazed by what's out there: mobile homes with king-sized waterbeds, souped up entertainment systems, premium leather couches, washer/dryer units, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, intricate woodwork, marble-tiled kitchens and more.

"We have people who come in to buy the more expensive motor homes who would normally like to stay at the Ritz," said Jim Iwasaki, director of marketing for Giant RV in Montclair. "But our customers aren't just the ones who are retired. It's a good mix of people -- we've got young families, families with small children, young couples." Full Story...

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