Friday, August 05, 2005

Campground visitors ignore honor system

The district is developing a campground about a mile south of Fort Rice using an old rest area that has been abandoned by the state, and which provides access to the Missouri River for boating and fishing. The campground is still awaiting plumbing and a few other amenities before it's complete, but the 10 camper sites do have electricity. Anybody using the area for camping is asked to participate in the honor system and donate $12 a night.

"What really has my blood boiling is that it appears there is no honor among people," Davis told commissioners. "There was a celebration in Fort Rice July 23 and 24 and I figure there were 15 to 20 campers using the campground. They were all plugged into the outlets and they had to pass by the 'Iron Ranger' going in and out where we had a sign asking for some compensation. Out of the 15 or 20 campers, one left a check for $20." Full Story...

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