Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Drivers and crews on the NASCAR circuit helping fuel demand for top-end RVs

When the work day is done for Kevin Hamlin, he looks forward to plenty of wife Patti's cooking, a bit of remote surfing on the flat-screen TV and a good night's sleep in the Hamlins' king-size bed.

Never mind that the setting for the Hamlins' domestic bliss rolls.

At about $350,000, it also cost more than the house on 2 1/2 acres the Hamlins own back in Mocksville, N.C. -- but not nearly as much as the granite-countered, designer-furnished, million-dollar monsters that many of the circuit's drivers call home on the road.

Actually, "motor coach" is what they call them, a fairy-tale-derived term that helps distinguish them from those pumpkin campers of old. More and more, it's the luxury model that's driving $14 billion a year in sales of RVs, the most popular search term on EBay last year. Full Story...

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