Wednesday, September 28, 2005

60-hour trek delivers supplies and motorhome to Katrina victims

Truckee, CA, Chris Cryder and Myron Cooper are back in Truckee but still recovering after a week spent aiding victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Cryder and Cooper, both long-time Truckee residents, began their journey to the Gulf Coast on Sept. 12, driving the Cryder family’s six-sleeper Winnebago, which would later be donated to a storm victim, and towing a 24-foot trailer filled with food, toiletries, and camping equipment.

The decision to donate his vacation vehicle came to Cryder just days after the storm hit and the devastation was evident. He said his family only used the Winnebago a few times a year and that it would be appreciated by someone in need. Full Story...

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