Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Campers make significant contribution to Maryland's Economy

In 2004, visitors to Maryland's state park campground visitors spent, on average, $301 per trip and visitors to the state's private campgrounds spent an average per trip of $698.

That's according to the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, which on Tuesday announced some results of a study compiled for the department in May. The study found that Maryland's state parks and private campgrounds generated more than $231 million in total economic impact in 2004.

Of the $231.9 million in total economic impact, spending by visitors to state parks totaled $168.8 million, while private campgrounds visitors spent $63 million, according to the study. Spending by campground visitors supported 3,140 jobs in Maryland, with 2,276 of those jobs being directly related to visitor spending at campgrounds. More than $13.5 million in total tax revenue for the state and local governments was generated, according to the department. Full Story...
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