Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Piloting a 30-foot motorhome down the Baja from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas

Get lost in the Baja? Not a chance. There's only one way down, one way up: Mexico 1, a 1,700-km-long Transpeninsular Highway that starts at Tijuana and ends at Cabo San Lucas. There are, however, plenty of detours off this famed stretch that will take you happily off-course through tracts of cacti, mounds of boulders, groves of palms, and brown-sugar beaches.

Tagging along with friends piloting a 30-foot motorhome, we found the road south was alternately smooth sailing and white knuckling. The highway to our first stop at Las Salina, roughly 70 km south of the border, was well-maintained and signed. The reason for this became clear by the third toll booth: We were cheerfully relieved of 74 pesos at each stop (49 for the rig, 25 for the car). Several hundred kilometres south and we would wish for more tolls, if only to match these same road conditions. Full Story...

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