Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Residents oppose new NY state campground.

Residents are casting a wide net with a petition aimed at preventing a campground development in the town of Morris, NY.

Residents of state Highway 51 and Pegg Road hoping to stop the development have sent copies of the petition to 10 local and state agencies and officials.

"A business of this nature would irrevocably alter the bucolic nature of the farm and residential pastoral environs in the area and would most assuredly have a negative impact on the values of neighboring properties," the petition states.

The petition also says that noise, trespassing and other criminal activity could increase if the project is completed.

But neighbor William Nealis said Butternut Valley residents don’t want any campground.

Nealis said there are environmental concerns involving sewage runoff, as well as the possibility that nearby wetlands will be affected. The campground would be on property that borders the Butternut Creek.

Maureen Dill, one of the petition signers, said quality-of-life issues for neighboring residents are as important as the environmental concerns.

Nealis also said neighbors are concerned that the campground could turn into a site for rowdy festivals and concerts.

Nealis said that before moving to Butternut Valley several years ago, he lived near a campground known for its festivals and suspected drug activity. Full Story...

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