Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Class teaches you how to be RV-savvy

Ed Gallup's RVT-100 class at Sacramento City College is the only forum of its kind in Northern California where RV owners or prospective owners can learn in detail how to select, operate and maintain their vehicles.

"Most people never even use their VCR to its potential because they don't know how," Gallup points out. "Just think about walking up to something as big and strange as an RV: There's no way you can remember everything the salesman tells you - and believe me, they don't begin to tell you everything."

Gallup's curriculum aims to create informed consumers by teaching RV owners how their units work so they can maximize enjoyment and minimize preventable problems. Classroom sessions cover basics such as RV types, tow vehicles, weight calculations and safe operating procedures. Students also jump into their vehicles' complicated innards with instruction in practical skills such as troubleshooting and fixing the electrical, waste, water, propane, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Full Story...
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