Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New book about an incredible Motorhome adventure.

Jim Jaillet shares his "Once in a lifetime experience" with the publication of Panama or Bust - A 343 day adventure in a motorhome!

"I wanted people to know what a wonderful place Central America is, full of beautiful scenery, people, music, and food. While many are very poor, they are rich in heritage and dignity. On the other hand, there are potential dangers. In one place we parked, at about 7 PM, the guy in charge of night-time security insisted that we move our rigs close together and adjacent to the building for the night. We were "surrounded" by about ten security guards with pistols and shotguns while we slept!", says 65-year-old Jaillet. The daily adventures and challenges including being stranded in the rugged Sierra Madre Mountains, with the engine of his motorhome damaged beyond repair and NO 454 cubic inch Chevrolet motors to be had anywhere in all of Mexico! Or the personal discomfort of sharing a bed with a cockroach. Then there was the time when he was fined $2.78 for driving without a shirt in 100+ degree temperatures, and when someone entered his motorhome and stole a number of items. Some of the "countless cultural experiences" that Jim says he "wouldn't have missed for the world."

Panama or Bust is written in a day-by-day journal format and is intended as an armchair adventure, not a guide book. It is a hefty 288 8.5x11 pages, with 11 maps and 196 BIG color photographs. The book describes the 11,122 mile adventure through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama with 14 border crossings and countless cultural experiences. During the trip, he also drove an additional 5000+ miles in his towed Ford Bronco II. Jaillet says many people take motorhomes into Mexico, but few have the courage to cross into the wilds of Central America.

Jim Jaillet has been an RVer for more than 40 years. He has been on the road, living in his motorhome full-time, since retiring at age 55 in 1995. He is also an avid historical reader.

Link to Publication*: http://www.panamaorbust.com

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