Friday, November 25, 2005

RV repair instructor gets on TV

Terry Cooper, lead instructor with Texas State Technical College's RV maintenance program, is slated to appear tonight on the Do It Yourself Network's “Classic Rides.” The series features host Kevin Tetz, who restores a variety of vehicles with the help of experts. During the two episodes featuring Cooper, Metz and company resurrect a vintage 1970 model Airstream trailer.

The 51-year-old Cooper, who has worked on RVs since he was a teen, said he was attending an RV dealer convention a few months ago when he was invited to attend a “Classic Rides” taping in Knoxville, Tenn.

Cooper said when he first showed up at the set, he thought show producers would just turn to him for advice off camera and he wouldn't be in the show. But after listening to Cooper for a few minutes, producers realized restoring the vehicle would be a serious undertaking, he said.

As Cooper described the vehicle's woes and how to fix them to show producers, they were so impressed that they offered him some face time in front of the camera. Full Story...

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