Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dry camping issue continues to smolder

LAUGHLIN NV - In response to rumors circulating in the RV'er crowd about the eviction of dry campers from casino properties on Casino Drive, Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort and Casino staff wish to set the record straight.

Lloyd Shires, the Riverside's director of hotel operations and marketing, said, “There are people circulating rumors that Don Laughlin is behind the health district crack down on ‘dry camping.' That is completely false. Don had nothing to do with this and was as surprised as anyone else in Laughlin when the health district starting ordering properties to evict dry campers.

The Clark County Health District, which is an entity separate, although affiliated with Clark County government, sent letters to a few casinos in Laughlin indicating that if they were allowing ‘dry camping,' they were in violation of state health laws. The term ‘dry camping' refers to RVs that are fully contained rigs and don't require RV park facility ‘hook-ups' to operate. Full Story...

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