Thursday, February 02, 2006

Out-of-state RV buyers may get Indiana Sales Tax Break

Since the summer of 2004, whenever a customer pushes back from the desk and opts to think about the deal over a cup of coffee and a sandwich, Bill Beck, owner of Mobile Structures and MSI Trailers of Elkhart, IN, knows the sale is dead.

Beck said his sales, like the sales of many recreational vehicle and cargo trailer dealers across the state, have fallen since the Indiana General Assembly enacted a bill that required out-of-state buyers to pay Indiana sales tax on RVs and cargo trailers. Estimating that more than 85 percent of his business is to non-Indiana residents, Beck has watched his sales "cut down by a couple of million dollars."

A pair of bills moving through the Indiana General Assembly will attempt to remedy the situation by exempting many out-of-state customers from paying the 6 percent Indiana sales tax. Full Story...

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