Tuesday, February 14, 2006

RV Education 101 Simplifies RV Ownership with Release of DVD Value Packs

RV Education 101, founded in 1999 by Mark and Dawn Polk, just made it easier for Recreation Vehicle (RV) consumers to learn about RVs with the release of three RV DVD Value Packs. Mark Polk, the producer and host said, "We took our individual Travel Trailer and Motorhome DVD titles and put them in sets with other titles that apply.” There are three to choose from and each value pack includes four RV training DVD’s, which equates to almost three hours of one-on-one RV instruction.

These DVD value packs provide a thorough understanding of how a Recreation Vehicle works and can be viewed as often as needed. Some of the topics included are; operating, maintaining, winterizing, storing, towing, safety cautions and warnings, and the RV essential items needed for the complete RV experience. Dawn Polk added, "Not only does this eliminate the guess work as to which titles should go together, but we save the RV consumer a significant amount of money with the box set discounts. All DVD titles are still available individually too.” Full Story...

How to Buy an RV, Before you Buy it An RV Education 101 E-book By Mark Polk

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