Thursday, February 02, 2006

RV-Friendly Highway Signs—Act Now!

The RV-friendly logo-a bright yellow circle with letters-alerts RV motorists that businesses sporting this logo will provide parking facilities that accommodate large RVs.

In order to display the RV-friendly logo, the business must adhere to certain criteria, such as high canopies, pull-through spaces, and an adequate turning radius.

The RV-friendly logo program led by RVIA (the national RV Industry Association) in conjunction with RVAct (a coalition of RV clubs). We strongly encourage members who reside in Alabama or Mississippi to personalize the letter posted at in order to strengthen the impact to those state representatives.

Let’s help add Alabama and Mississippi to the five states currently using or preparing to use the RV-friendly symbol. Those states currently include: Oregon, Louisiana, Washington, Tennessee and most recently, Texas!

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