Monday, April 24, 2006

Goin' down the road

Forget that cheesy trailer park vibe. If an RV is good enough for Barbie, it's good enough for me, writes TRALEE PEARCE:

During a thoughtful moment in the new comedy flick RV, opening next Wednesday, hapless newbie Robin Williams observes that if you really want to find out about yourself, put your family in a recreation vehicle and drive.

So what did we learn about ourselves as we dabbled in the RV for the Easter weekend? (I say dabble because we used our RV as a roving guest house. Our families got to enjoy company; we got to steal their hydro.)

That RVing is in our blood. When we invited family inside for cocktails, we learned my beau's grandfather, his namesake, built a motorhome from scratch. And me?

"You were conceived in a trailer. I think," said my father, sitting at the dinette. He was referring to 1968 when he and my mother were renovating their first farmhouse.

Not surprising, since RV beds are actually comfortable. We learned that it's lovely waking up right next to a window, even on a rainy morning. And that towns with wide main streets are easier to manoeuvre in. And that adapter thingy on the main electrical line? Don't leave it behind. Full Story...

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