Saturday, April 08, 2006

Traveling in style in the motor home of your dreams

For Jim Thompson, a retired Miller Brewing marketing executive and Milwaukee restaurateur, and his wife, Pat, a Sheboygan native, traveling in style doesn't necessarily mean first class airline tickets. In fact, when the couple travels, they don't even leave home—their 43-foot, Mountain Aire motor home, that is.

The Thompsons have been enjoying the recreational vehicle (RV) life for more than 20 years. Their current RV is the fifth motor home the Milwaukee couple has purchased from Horn's RV in Sheboygan. And according to Jeff Lillesand, a sales representative at Horn's, the Thompsons are typical of people who, once they get a taste of the RV life, get a big appetite for hitting the road in style.

For some RV'ers, life on the road becomes the norm. Lillesand said that some of his customers actually use their motor homes as their primary home, selling the homestead and calling their RV home sweet home.

But that's not the usual case. "A good portion of our customers live in them (RVs) about three to four months of the year," he said.

Which works into the lifestyle of the majority of his customers. "Most of the people who buy them—especially the big ones--are retirement age," he said. Full Story...

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