Thursday, June 22, 2006

Campground hosts lovin' simple life

Now that summer is officially here, the Leeches are ready for whatever campers toss their way at the Jordan Pines campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon. As campground hosts, they've dealt with everything from overflowing latrines to rowdy card games since they quit their jobs two years ago and traded their four-bedroom house for a fifth-wheel trailer.

They downsized from a living space of 2,300 square feet to one that fills up less than 250, but now that they've sampled the simple life, they don't want to go back.
Instead of an alarm clock, the Leeches are awakened by the sound of birds singing and the tantalizing aroma of campfire bacon. There are no lawns to mow, no roofs to repair and no electric bills to pay. Their only big expense is filling their gas tank.

"Since we stay parked most of the summer, even that's not such a big deal," says Don, 56, a former software instructor at Hill Air Force Base. "This is the best lifestyle in the world. To be out in nature, to be able to see the stars and watch the wildlife. What's not to like about that?" Full Story...

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