Friday, June 09, 2006

The Clinch clan sure

As a family, we thought it would be a ton of fun to head out on a camping trip.

Turns out that thinking about it was as fun as it got. It wasn't so much the fact that the campsites were cramped with trash, flies and people wanting to "get away from it all" that got us down. Nor was it that the last site had been condemned by the Health Department. It was the sign posted in the middle of the road that said, "Next Campsite 130 miles."

"Is there anything closer?" we asked the campground host with desperate optimism.

"Well," he replied as he raised a brow, "there is a campground." Then he paused for effect, looked all around him and leaned in. It was as if he were letting us in on the best-kept secret this side of the trees. "There is a campground that very few people know about," he whispered. "It's got wide open spaces, babbling brooks and the best part is.... it's got sweet-smelling outhouses." Full Story...

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