Thursday, June 22, 2006

Free parking at Wal-Mart irks campground owners

New Brunswick campground owners say retail giant Wal-Mart is cutting into their business by allowing trailers and recreational vehicles to park overnight for free.

Wal-Mart stores have set up shop in virtually every city in the province, and many have invited summer travellers to make themselves at home in their parking lots. It's not exactly a back-to-nature experience, but it's free and many campers say it's a convenient place to spend the night and stock up on necessities.

However, Liberal tourism critic Don Arsenault says that attitude is hurting New Brunswick campground owners. "You know, they are nickel and dime and it's tough," he said in the legislature Thursday. "When you lose potential tourists such as the ones who are parking at Wal-Mart, it makes it even harder." Full Story...

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