Thursday, June 29, 2006

Full Time RVer turns gourds into an unlikely art form

Seventy-year-old divorcé Ted Mommsen has tried all kinds of hobbies, and has enjoyed them tremendously. However, Mommsen isn't the type of person satisfied maintaining the status quo; he is always looking for something new in which to immerse himself. His latest venture combines all of his previous hobbies into one neat vegetable package-gourds.

Long viewed as the vegetable world's version of an appendix-experts know they serve a purpose, they're just not quite sure what that purpose is-gourds are quickly becoming the latest trend in art work, largely because of their similar characteristics to wood.

Mommsen says he first learned of the creative potential of gourds from a friend of his in Georgia, where he chooses to spend his winter months. A self-described "full-time RVer," Mommsen admits he was looking for a new hobby to pass the time while hanging out during the summer at Chetek River Campground.

"He showed me a couple gourds he had decorated, and I thought it looked interesting," says Mommsen. "He gave me some gourds and I decided to give it a shot." Full Story...

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