Friday, July 14, 2006

Deaths of two hikers weigh on minds of campers

VERLOT, WA -- By early Thursday afternoon, yellow crime scene tape disappeared and police had reopened the Bear and Pinnacle Lake Trail where a mother and daughter were slain earlier in the week.

Hikers hadn't returned, however, and the two-mile muddy path remained largely deserted -- a situation, park officials said, that might be more about two days of rain than homicides.

Even so, the two deaths were on the minds of a handful of nearby campers in the popular forest area 15 miles east of Granite Falls on the Mountain Loop Highway.

Dennis Hill, 58, said he'd keep everyone in his group closer together as a result of the unsolved killings. "I figure my odds of being a victim are low," the retired Kenmore resident said. "But it will influence what we do." Full Story...

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