Friday, July 14, 2006

RVs satisfy boomers' wanderlust

Angie Taylor kept calling her RV a motor home or trailer.

However, when your recreation vehicle is a 31-foot Allegra with leather seats, a master bedroom suite and washer and dryer, calling it a ''trailer,'' she quickly learned, is tacky.

''There's a whole world out there that has its own lingo,'' says Taylor, who with her husband, David, are in familiar baby-boomer territory: empty nesters with time on their hands, money in their pockets and dreams to fulfill.

Goodlettsville resident Mark Paul, who calls himself a ''boomer kid,'' has expendable income and doesn't mind using it to enjoy life wandering the country with his wife, Brenda.

''I told my wife when we first got this thing. I said, 'I'm going to be 60 soon. I don't know any real old guys who are 60, and I don't know any young guys who are 70.' ''

He says the decision to go ahead and spend the money now is easy once ''you realize maybe you've got six, eight, 10 years of good life before you're in some rest home drooling.''

He's only half joking. Full Story...

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