Sunday, August 20, 2006

Homeowners check out for summer months

Duane Hanson laughs at the thought of being homeless. So does his wife, Anne, though the couple have never really attached that word to their situation.

But the description sort of fits.

"Our last home was in Cedar Falls," Duane says.

They moved out three years ago. No foundation. No permanent address. No shingles overhead. No garage ... Duane lets loose another belly laugh, the kind those in on a secret enjoy.

No property taxes. No homeowners insurance. No utility bills ... Others gathered around the picnic table, including Edna and Del Orr, smile and nod approval.

The question for these folks and many others during the summer --- or in many cases yearlong --- is not whether a person can survive without a house. The question is, why choose a lifestyle anchored on a foundation, particularly when the weather warms and fireflies dot summer evenings?

"We don't really miss our house. Not anymore," Edna says. Full Story...

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