Sunday, August 20, 2006

The RV movement's on a roll

Six years ago, Carole and Eugene Brawner sold their home in Fredericksburg, Va., opting to live full-time in their motor home.

The Brawners, who started RV camping with their children in 1970, retired and were traveling most of the time before they decided to make the transition.

"It didn't make sense to cut the grass, dust the vacuum and leave again," said Carole, sitting near her RV with friends from her Colonial Virginians motor home group.

Moving from a fixed address to an RV may sound daunting, but the Brawners and others who have made the switch say it's not a huge adjustment. Groups such as the Family Motor Coach Association, which sponsored the convention, and the Good Sam Club cater to RV owners with no permanent address.

The Brawners were among the thousands who attended an FMCA RV convention this week at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Full Story & Video

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