Friday, September 22, 2006

Family Takes RV to All AFC Stadiums

ay and Karen DiEugenio, along with their three young sons, Nick (14), Luke (12) and Frankie (5), pursued a lifelong dream of tailgating at NFL games around the country last year. They visited all the cities with NFC teams in their RV and published a tailgating cookbook called I Got Your Tailgate Party Right Here.

Along the way, the DiEugenios discovered the many rewards of RV travel. “We got to experience our favorite hobbies—football and tailgating—together as a family,” said Jay DiEugenio. “Our family really bonded as we discovered America, met interesting people and wrote our cookbook.”

The DiEugenios enjoyed their RV travels so much that they decided to visit all the AFC stadiums for the 2006-07 football season. This year’s tour will be substantially upgraded with laptops, digital video and still cameras. The RVing family will have an active blog and vlog on their website, with links to the website. The kids will be “road schooled” during the trip with schoolwork and encouragement from their local school district.

RVIA’s marketing communications agency, Barton Gilanelli, will arrange media interviews with the DiEugenios during their NFL tailgating tour. They will promote in every interview as the best resource for families interested in RV travel. They will also discuss the advantages of tailgating in an RV and the many discoveries they have made while touring America by RV.

Fleetwood RV is providing the DiEugenios with a 2007 Bounder Diesel Type A motorhome for this NFL season. Amenities includes slideouts and a satellite dish-ready 26” LCD TV with home theater sound system.

“RVIA has had great success promoting RV tailgating with Commissioner of Tailgating Joe Cahn in years past emphasizing the tasty food and community spirit tailgaters enjoy,” said Gary LaBella, RVIA’s vice president of public relations and advertising. “The DiEugenios are adding family togetherness to the RV tailgating recipe as they’re interviewed in stadium parking lots before games and on the road.”

RVIA ( is the national association representing more than 550 manufacturers and component suppliers producing approximately 98 percent of all RVs made in the United States.

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