Monday, September 04, 2006

Life in a motor home has its moments

It takes a few minutes and a paper towel for Cheryl Barnholdt to clean her kitchen and bathroom floors.

“I don’t have much to clean,” said Barnholdt, who lives year-round in a 25-foot motor home.

Barnholdt has spent the past seven summers working for Wall Drug Store (See related story on Page A1).

Life in miniature has its advantages and disadvantages, according to men and women who have forsaken the solid foundation of home for a mobile lifestyle that allows them to explore the country and earn a living as “workampers.”

“Life is easier and lighter, if gas was just cheaper,” Dottie White said. White and her husband, Jake, still have a house in Mississippi where a son lives.

For the Whites, home is a recreational vehicle parked in the small RV park that South Dakota’s 1880 Town provides. Full Story...

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