Tuesday, September 12, 2006

RV Life should be so ‘TWEET’

hen Ken Broostin drives down the highway, other drivers stare.

Some point, while others laugh and wave.

But, when you’re driving a motorhome that looks like an enormous Tweety Bird, attracting attention is to be expected.

“This is ‘Tweety’,” said Broostin, of Foyil, sliding the side door open on the bright yellow motor home. “Come on in.”

From the outside, yellow and aluminum, Tweety looks just like its namesake with wheels. From the inside, it has all the comforts of home — stove, sink, bed — with a few Tweety Bird throw pillows, just to make sure you don’t forget where you are.

There are Tweety Bird dolls, mugs, and even a Tweety Bird keychain to help start the classic motor home.

But it was hardly love at first sight for Broostin.

“My wife, Doree, and I were looking to buy a motor vehicle a few years ago, when we saw ‘Tweety’ at a lot in Catoosa,” he recalled. “At the time, we both saw it and kind of went ‘ Ugh! We don’t know about this ...’ but it eventually grew on us, and now, Doree doesn’t want us to ever get another one — she says ‘Tweety’ is her favorite.” Full Story...
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