Saturday, September 02, 2006

RVing Couple Make the Play the Thing

For people who have never done any serious acting themselves, Loren and Robin Dunfee spend an awful lot of their time directing amateur theater. The Lakeland couple spend 30 to 35 weeks each year producing original dramas.

If that sounds like a lot, consider that almost all of those weeks are spent on the road -- traveling from one town to another, putting up sets and lighting, casting and rehearsing, overseeing one to three live performances, then tearing everything down and moving on to the next town where they'll repeat the process.

The Dunfees travel in a motor home, pulling a trailer with their drama equipment, accompanied by their 12-year-old son, 10-year-old twin daughters and a Boston terrier. The kids are home-schooled by Robin, and the family tries for as much normalcy as possible, with gymnastics and tae kwon do lessons in between trips. There is educational value in their travels, and the children seem to adapt well to the gypsy life, say their parents.

"We love to travel, and we love to see people's lives changed," says Loren Dunfee, 39. Full Story...

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