Friday, September 29, 2006

VIDEO of Ford's F450 'Super' Duty Truck

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--When you pass a construction site and see something hanging from a crane, you probably stop just to look. So imagine if you saw this: a pickup truck dangling from a crane more than 30 feet in the air. But this isn't just any pickup truck, it's the new 2008 Ford Super Duty. Since a large portion of full size pickup truck owners work in the construction industry, Ford transformed a parking lot into a construction site to make a point when it launched the new Super Duty at the Texas State Fair.

(See video at:

Despite all the talk to the contrary, Ford is confident that the full size pickup segment will remain strong as long as the economy is growing. The company estimates that 2.3 million pickups will be sold industry wide in 2006 and, in the end, Ford is confident that for the 30th straight year it will be the leader in the pickup truck business.

The new 2008 Ford Super Duty has some features that are a first in the industry, including a step integrated into the tailgate, which allows you to walk right up into the bed of the truck.

The new 2008 Ford Super Duty pickup goes on sale in early 2007.

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