Friday, September 22, 2006

Way to go! RVing in the Rockies

First time RVers get off to rocky start:

"How are we going to endure another two weeks of this?" I whispered to Annabel as I turned on the mattress with what seemed like inches of space above my nose. She couldn't hear me above the 'BEEP, BEEP, BEEP' of a reversing dump truck. It was well past midnight.

The RV campground we were staying at consisted of downtown acreage that was now worth a fortune to developers. Because the building season is so short in the Canadian Rockies the condominium units were being thrown up 24-hours per day.

But by the the end of their two-week vacation they had learned why RVing is so great:

At the end of our two weeks RVing holiday we didn't want the holiday to end. We had sussed out how to use our little home to maximum advantage.

For anyone with young children, it's a soft adventure holiday I'd highly recommend and the advantages are obvious. You don't have to pack up each morning to move to yet another hotel room. Full Story...

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