Friday, October 20, 2006

Canadians go to Plan B and sell a lot of motorhomes

Since 1990, Roadtrek Class B motorhomes, built by Home & Park Motorhomes, has been the No. 1 selling Class B motorhome in North America.

Roadtrek chairman Jeff Hanemaayer said the company will sell more than 1,400 motorhomes this year.

"To maintain our No. 1 position, we need to offer the best combination of design, quality, price and service," Hanemaayer said. "That's also how we achieved such strong export sales."

In addition, "being Canadian helps as well in the eyes of the U.S. consumer from a perception of better quality."

Most Roadtrek motorhomes -- 85 per cent -- are sold outside Canada with the bulk going to the United States. A small percentage is shipped to Japan. The remaining 15 per cent are sold in Canada.

Despite competition from a variety of U.S. firms and several in Canada, Roadtrek moved to the top of the Class B motorhome sales charts.

"Our strongest competition currently comes from other Canadian manufacturers," Hanemaayer said. Canadian competitors include Pleasureway in Saskatoon and two Manitoba firms -- Great West Van and Leisure Travel Vans. Full Story...

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