Monday, October 09, 2006

RV owners wary of rule change

EATONTOWN NJ — David Harris' 28-foot recreational vehicle has all the amenities of home: a full kitchen and bath, and a queen-size bed. There's even an awning attachment and a screened-in porch, if he's inclined to hook it all up.

"You're sleeping in your own bed, you know where everything is in the kitchen, and you're not imposing on anyone," Harris said.

While it may be a good way to travel, parking his RV in town is a bit of a snag. Current borough ordinance requires RVs to be parked in the backyard, 15 feet away from property lines, and borough officials are looking into whether the local law should be changed.

That has put RV owners on alert.

Last week, a normally quiet Planning Board meeting turned raucous when dozens of RV owners, worried that they would have to find other places to park their mobile vacation homes, came to hear preliminary discussions about possible changes to the ordinance. Full Story...
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