Friday, November 24, 2006

Angry RVers may go from Dish to Direct

Alice Mitchell and her late husband had spent more than three months a year traveling the country in their recreational vehicle, using a Dish Network receiver to view local broadcasts from Denver and Los Angeles.

Earlier this month, Mitchell, who lives in Monroe, Wash., 35 miles northeast of Seattle, received a letter from Dish Network, telling her that she wouldn't receive those channels after Dec. 1.

Mitchell, 65, has been eligible to receive distant-network signals for RV travel because her local satellite signal dies once she leaves the area.

"They said our RV waivers are no good anymore," Mitchell said in a phone interview.

Mitchell is one of 900,000 Dish home, business and RV customers losing out- of-area network channels, following a U.S. district court ruling in October against Douglas County-based EchoStar Communications Corp., which provides Dish service. Full Story...
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