Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Motorhome refurbisher builds worlds fastest motorhome

Jim Rosenburgh and his crew refurbish 1970's vintage GMC motorhomes. They are sent to him from all over the country for new interiors, new suspensions, and for several more horses under the hood.

"They got more power than they'll need. They'll sit there and burn rubber," he said of the front-wheel drive motorhomes after he and his crew are done with them.

But this master mechanic wanted a way to make the motorhome side of his business even a bit more fun. What if, he thought, he could make one of these motorhomes go really, really fast? He read there was an actual Bonneville Salt Flats record for the World's Fastest Motorhome.

And so he did. Last September, next to some of the sleekest, fastest machines on the planet, a motorhome from Sequim, WA with mechanic Dennis Schleve Jr. behind the wheel, pulled up to the Bonneville start line. A worker at the flats tried to send them to the RV parking area until they convinced him they, and the motorhome, were actually there to race.

"When I originally conceived this I had a vision in my mind of the motorhome with the flames and the wing going down the salt flats, the rooster tail of salt behind it. I just had this picture in my mind," Rosenburgh said.

The picture in his mind did race down the salt flats, with the painted flames, with the wing on top, with the rooster tail of salt trailing behind and reached 102.76 miles an hour: a record. Full Story...
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