Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sellers should be wary of a fraud making its rounds

There have been recent fraud attempts in the province involving counterfeit cheques or money orders, and typically involves a fraudster who poses as a buyer responding to an advertisement placed by a Saskatchewan resident trying to sell an item or rent property.
“Some people are victimized by this and some people are catching it before they get victimized,” said Cpl. Jason Kerr with the Saskatchewan Commercial Crime section of the RCMP.

Kerr pointed to an example of a fraudster who wanted to buy a motorhome and sent a counterfeit United States Postal money order which paid the seller double the payment.

“The guy sent a fake money order worth double the price of the motorhome,” said Kerr. “Then he said, ‘Oh, it was an accident, just wire me back the difference.’ So you wire the guy the difference and you’re out the money. Who is going to send double the amount? That should set off all kinds of warning bells. People need to protect themselves.” Full Story...
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